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Welcome to SE Guilford Economic & Community Development.

SE Guilford County offers many natural amenities: open spaces with streams, woodlands, and wildlife. Visitors find it appealing with unique opportunities. In this rural and agricultural setting, there are opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures. The advantage of self-employment in the SE is highly rated for growing success.

Many rural communities in Guilford County face challenges like basic infrastructure, particularly transportation and communications systems. Some depend on a single employment sector for job creation. We continue our work with governmental agencies on challenges we face as a community for services that will establish investment commitment relations with the public sector.
Often a hindrance to economic development is a lack of services. In our case, we are blessed with the number of places-to-worship that provide a variety of resources and services based on the needs in our community. Their efforts are providing the non-duplicating venues for exercise, athletics, and seniors services; thereby growing a sustainable, self-funded community.

We don't want to wait for a neighborhood to change, we want to help the neighborhood change.



SE Guilford Economic & Community Development
The Triad in North Carolina